Battle Approved Motors Hopes for Record Round of Funding: Charged Up and Ready to Go

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A few months ago, Battle Approved Motors (BAM) quickly raised $1.07 million via its first StartEngine Reg. CF offering, pushing its vehicles through the initial stages of production with over 1,300 investors. Now, they are gearing up to not only enter Round 2, but are sharing some extra-enticing news for those who become Legacy Members (fondly called Legacy Family).

What Is BAM, and Why Are People Getting Involved?

Battle Approved Motors believes that it isn’t just a luxury racing brand of electric utility terrain vehicles (UTVs). It’s a lifestyle brand — fast, sexy, and not afraid to get dirty. BAM’s ultra-sleek lineup of UTVs — all-electric, off-road vehicles — comes in several models. Kenny Osborn (BAM Development) puts it, “We are like Ferrari meets Tesla in the dirt.” 

BAM drivers love taming the great outdoors, and they seek to look good while doing it. They want to feel the wind in their hair, and they want to hit the dirt — hard! All while leaving zero emissions behind, of course.

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About the Founder

The company was founded by CEO Chris James, inspired by an elite class of young racers who faced off using mini off-road trucks called mod karts. He saw the passion and talent these kids possessed and wanted to encourage them to continue their wins once they hit 16 — an age when they would be forced to ditch the mod kart and adopt a standard UTV or truck to continue to race. 

About the UTV

BAM reports that its UTV has double the horsepower of most existing UTVs, quickly reaching speeds higher than many electric vehicles on the market. These UTVs come equipped with all the fancy upgrades and custom add-on parts, tweaked for top speed and performance in the dirt and on the track. Because they come installed “out-of-the-box,” these parts aren’t going to interfere with the safety or durability of the UTV itself. In fact, safety — no matter how much of a beast these EVs are — is at the forefront of development and is key in creating such a powerhouse vehicle. 

Round 1 Wrap-Up & Round 2 Plans 

With Round 1’s closing, many first-round investors are already enjoying lifelong discounts and other perks in appreciation for their support. And talk about generational support – these discounts and extras are available to the investor, their spouse, their children and grandchildren.

Some vehicle specs have been released, such as 0-60 in under 4 seconds and 400+ HP. News about an upcoming racing series could excite supporters, and the Legacy Family will get involved.

With Round 2 opening up, BAM recently announced they now own over 200 acres of land in UTV-friendly Arizona with the vision of creating an overlanding and off-grid glamping oasis where drivers can experience a private testing facility & sustainable community. Outdoor Specialist Ethan Pole says ‘“Think of it as the future Disney World for Off-Road.”

To learn more about Battle Approved Motors and its upcoming lineup of electric-powered UTVs, be sure to check out

If you’re ready to lock in your investment, check out Battle Approved Motors on StartEngine.

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