Could this Smart Mask be a game-changer, as children return to the classroom?

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Slated to be the “World’s First Nex-Gen Technology Mask,” NFL Hall-of-Famer, Champ Bailey, has teamed up with Modern Radio, Inc. to launch an Indiegogo campaign for the scaled production of a new wearable that could have our kids back in the classroom much sooner than later.

Using next-generation technologies, this smart mask would do more than stop airborne particles from infecting the student body. Once adopted, it would monitor the personal air quality and temperature of each student, tracking daily use and compliance across the greater K12 environment. Such data would aid teachers in maintaining a healthy space for our children to learn, as they return to brick-and-mortar classrooms across the country.

Winning the 2020 Global Innovation Award at the ATP Cyber Health Tech Conference in August, Modern Radio has been actively working to test and develop the smart mask for optimal integration.

The first concern was with safety. They wanted to be sure that the mask would work effectively with no adverse reactions that would otherwise contradict the purpose of being worn. We have heard so many horror stories about how masks worsened — and even created — long-term health conditions for people, who were already high risk. These masks would be reusable, so it was important to take proper care and hygiene into consideration when designing such elements.

They wanted to find a way to keep it affordable while allowing it to serve its purpose. Smart Mask operates with a Bluetooth-enabled chipset, integrated with the Smart Mask app, to securely track and store encrypted data on air quality, body temperature, and environmental conditions including pollutants, irritants, and other viral threats. Maintaining the cost would be important to ensure early adoption in areas where masks would benefit students the most.

“As a parent, there is nothing I won’t do to keep my kids safe when they are at school, participating in sports, or visiting any location where I am not present,” said Champ Bailey.

Since his 2014 retirement from the NFL, the former Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins cornerback has been devoted to teaming-up with start-ups that he personally considers to be game-changers.

“As an investor, I know the value of the Smart Mask as a win-win for decision-makers — whether parents, district superintendents, principals, and PTAs — who are responsible for ensuring children wear a mask and that the air quality around them is safe. The Smart Mask is more than just an investment; it is unequivocally the most timely gift we can give this holiday season to our children, teachers, and school staff.”

Each Smart Mask includes sensors to ensure compatibility with all updated mask-wearing compliances and best-practices would be met per CDC COVID-19 standards. These sensors, although identified based on unit, would anonymously gather on-demand reporting and prepare contract tracing for schools to improve the health and safety of each classroom. These masks would alert the teacher when there is a concern, when masks are not being worn properly, or when they have been removed.

Using an IoT stick (dongle) plugged into a computer, any classroom or office can instantly become a monitoring station. This is unlike other wearables because the Smart Mask has its own proprietary coding system and unique identifiers associated with each mask, which would then allow the anonymous transfer of said data while preventing the real names and/or personal data of the wearer to transfer, be reported or analyzed once collected.

“Returning to ‘normal’ as safely as possible is a daily conversation and no one can predict what our new normal will look like in a few months or even a few years,” said Laron Walker, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Modern Radio, Inc.

“Vaccines are on the horizon, but administration of those vaccines will be a lengthy, difficult process. The Smart Mask offers immediate peace of mind as more kids return to in-person learning. And because Smart Mask utilizes next-generation technology, its evolution will keep us one step ahead of challenges associated with future viral threats or critical environmental conditions.”

These smart masks would allow for continued monitoring of student health, while eliminating the need for manual temperature checks of each student at multiple times throughout the day. This would save each class time and reduce such distractions that naturally take away from effective learning experiences.

Because this data is regularly collected, a more immediate response could be taken in the mitigation of concerns, related to COVID and other potential viral infections, thereby reducing the spread and incubation periods. Preventative measures could be handled swiftly and without causing fear amongst the student body — especially where younger children are concerned.

Through digital monitoring, parents would be able to personally check their child’s body temperature, sneezing, or coughing patterns, whether they are at school or any place else, where a face mask is required. They would be notified if the child’s mask was removed and play a major part in the management of their child’s regular mask schedule. And, they would also be able to monitor the air quality around their child at any given time of the day, allowing them to make more informed decisions, as our children transition back into a safe learning space.

According to Modern Radio, the base goal for the Smart Mask’s launch Indiegogo campaign is $50,000. This will allow them to supply at least eight different schools with Smart Mask technology. Each mask would personally be delivered by Champ Bailey who, along with his team, is already bringing this technology solution to K-12 schools in various regions.

After a successful launch campaign, Modern Radio has pledged to increase this Indiegogo crowdfunding goal in order to produce and deliver “the world’s first Smart Mask with air quality and fever detection: to K-12 school districts across the nation.

Per recent media release: “The Smart Mask, which has a patent-pending design, will begin shipping to backers in January 2021 with final orders, manufacturing, and product availability worldwide by March 2021. The Indiegogo campaign offers discount perks ranging from 5–15% based on perk level and encourages backers to adopt a classroom or school with bulk ordering.”

They are currently working on an athletic version of a similar smart mask technology, as to be used during active game-play and regular work-out routines.

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