World’s First Smartgloves Make All Other Gloves Obsolete

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Ever wanted to have the world at the tips of your fingers or in the palm of your hand? Soon you will be able to. Well — your world, at least!

At a time when technology pretty much runs our lives, we’ve found out what works and what doesn’t — quickly. Just like when it is freezing cold outside and you’re stuck shoveling snow, but you’re waiting for a very important phone call. It always happens to be on those days that we have the most important calls, doesn’t it?

So, you’re outside shoveling snow. Your car needs to be unburied before you can do anything and, just then, your phone rings! Oh, silly you! You forgot; touch screens and cold do not mix. You can’t even feel your own fingers; how could your S6?

Today, we have duraTOUCH shaking things up a bit. They’ve created touch and sensors that allow you to withstand any type of environment. Yes, this includes rain, dirt, oil, heat, cold…you name it! As of last month, we even had BEAUTY by Elliptic Labs contributing to resolving this problem by eliminating the touch sensors on our devices and using sound proximity instead.

The problem is, unless you are literally connected, you might not get to experience this technology for a while. What do you do in the meantime? Well, since you’re waiting, you might want to check out BearTek Gloves on Indiegogo. They’ve launched a campaign that would bring the World’s Smartest Gloves to life!

Expanding their world to include wearable technologies, BearTek seeks to interrupt the way we encounter cold technologies. Just a week ago, BearTek launched a campaign to raise $40K to meet their production and development costs. With 34 days left in the campaign, they have already exceeded this amount.

As of this moment, BearTek has actually raised $54K. They did this by asking $99 a person in pre-sales until they have reached their goal. Contributors scored a developer’s kit to input BearTek Gen II technologies into their already-favorite gloves. But now that their goal has freezing cold, they are asking $155 a pair — 30 percent off retail price. These gloves won’t be ready until November 2016, so you should probably act now before next year’s winter storm

BearTek seeks to make “every other glove obsolete.”

BearTek actually existed before this day. If you are a fan of Shark Tank, you saw BearTek’s first-generation gloves on the show. With gloves that are actually attractive and very warm, BearTek won the hearts of the Tank and in 2013 released their first generation to the public. Gen II just so happens to be an even better version with even more options. They have even become “social!”

These gloves allow users to control their music without pushing or swiping a thing. Pairable with any Bluetooth-capable device, BearTek also allows users to make phone calls and control their GoPro devices.

This version also allows users to toggle between apps, including the phone and camera function. Tapping your fingers together will allow users to snap a picture, zoom in and out, and never miss a moment — while keeping warm!

“By touching the touchpads users can play or pause music, skip forward/back, fast forward/rewind and accept or reject incoming phone calls and so much more when controlling the GoPro® camera.”

These gloves are a life changer for those bikers who would like to answer their phones but can’t risk being put in a difficult situation without stopping. When on the bus or in the subway, not pulling out your newest-to-market smartphone to make calls or change your music may also result on it not being stolen.

Gen II includes a liner option that will allow users to wear more than one pair of gloves for warmth — or just to coordinate their attire. With the new generation, users will be able to access a mobile app that allows them to customize functionality based on frequent activity and actual need.

“We have listened to our customers the past three years and constantly upgraded our glove capabilities to evolve with their lifestyles and outdoor activities,” said Tarik Rodgers, CEO of Blue Infusion Technologies. “We made a bold statement when we launched BearTek in 2013 that ‘Every Other Glove is Obsolete.’ We’ve taken that to heart so much that we are always trying to improve our own product, and that is why we are launching BearTek Generation II.”

These gloves are low-energy, which means they won’t need to be recharged often and they won’t kill your smartphone as fast. In fact, the battery life is said to be about 80 hours on the Gen I; the expected life for the Gen II is said to stretch beyond a year! While not waterproof altogether, they are extremely resistant to water under minimal conditions.

Call me Jessica Glover, because I think I am in love with the glove! November can’t get here any sooner! What do you think?

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