European Brand Expansion: Is it in your brand’s future Marketing Plan?

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Does your brand appeal to an International consumer base? Does your brand entail Online distribution? How well do you know your European audiences? The time for Brand Expansion could be just around the corner.

In recent reports by, 2012 and 2013 has been showing incredible leaps in the funneling process to convert consumers into actual customers by Europeans, as compared to those of us in the “Western World.”

Apparently, while a “fragmented” demographic exists, the ready consumer base in Europe is much larger than in America. Yet, it is growing at a rate equivalent to our own, which means an even larger mass of consumers, to whom Marketers should focus more attention upon. This is a demographic often forgotten by businesses, here in the United States, in which are able to be served through automated means!

While there are many more persons to serve in the European demographic, there are other reasons in which Internet Marketing may be even more effective. Since 2009, “overseas” businesses have been focusing on Internet Marketing on an Offline Platform. Over the years, QR Codes (Quick Response) have been responsible for multiple Online purchases of grocery and personal products.

People tend to think about their needs while waiting on public transportation, and these simulated “window shopping” experiences remind them of their needs… and even their wants… while providing them with a means of purchase.

A real live “Call to Action” in progress — consumers simply scan the QR Code associated with the product and check out for delivery to home or local store. More recently, our “Western World” has been taking practice in this technique through outlets such as Walmart Canada and other retailers.

Perhaps Europe has more “early adopters” as far as technology is concerned, because we are just now adopting these techniques in our hemisphere. Or, perhaps, it is a means of technology. Whichever the reason, it seems to be effective and has been successful in converting these consumers into die-hard brand enthusiasts.

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