Florida businesses promote ‘independent’ through annual Pittsburgh cause

Orlando and Pittsburgh business join hands for a Toys-for-Tots Charity Event


SweetNote Entertainment, a Production Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, presents an annual Rock’N’Soul Christmas Show that brings regional musicians, fans and area businesses together to raise toys and donations on behalf of the Toys for Tots Foundation to give to children during the holiday season. Each year, SweetNote collaborates with local businesses and corporations to make sure that everyone involved goes home “just a little bit happier.”

Products and services are donated to the company and given away during raffles and to bands, who perform during this charitable event. According to B. Michael Smith, owner of SweetNote Entertainment and Coordinator for this event, set for December 14, 2014, “The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. Our organization is dedicated to the process of making that happen, but we need your help (speaking to artists and businesses all over the United States).”

This year, two Florida-based companies are getting involved in SweetNotes Rock’N’Soul cause — Playas Mob Radio and Shorty Produkshins.

Playas Mob Radio, a weekly radio show that is based in Fort Pierce, broadcasts out of 6 FM stations around the State of Florida and to an International fan-base of Online listeners. Playas Mob Radio, dedicated to breaking Independent Artists, Businesses and Causes, will be presenting one winning band or business with a promotional radio spot during a high profile show to talk about their brand’s history and any upcoming releases.

If it is a band that wins this promo spot, they will also have their latest radio-edited release placed into regular rotation during The Playas Mob Radio Show on WJFP FM. The show will be live on-air and will also be archived for promotional usage for the brand in both Online and Offline arenas.

Shorty Produkshins, an Orlando-based Online Promotions Company specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing and also affiliated with Playas Mob Radio, will be giving away a few items to encourage entrepreneurship, musicianship and, of course, giving during the holiday season and into the new year.

A spokesperson for Shorty Produkshins states that “It is our way of giving back, while helping artists and brands find awareness in the new year. We initially were giving away one graphic art in the form of a digital flyer to one winner to help boost their visibility, professionally and with intrigue, and we still are. However, we realized the need brands have in establishing credibility and awareness that lasts the lifetime of their career. So, we decided that we could write articles, as well, for five brands or bands who really deserve it — which would be more beneficial to them than a graphic design that serves the purpose of one project or announcement. These services will also really benefit their Internet Marketing and SEO efforts.”

They have donated one graphic design and five written articles to promote independent progress in the Pittsburgh Area.

With December 14, just two days away, we can only imagine the magic that the night will behold. Artists, businesses and audiences at Pittsburgh’s Sing Sing venue at the Waterfront can expect a night of entertainment, holiday spirit and motivation to usher them into 2015. Performing at this event, SweetNotes own Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution will take the spotlight alongside acts such as Kinetic, Sun Hound, Hakim Rasheed, Mike Why, Ine, Gene Stovall, Devan Rue and Brian Woods. With a roster like this, this is definitely a night to remember!

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Playas Mob Radio: Excellent platform for Independents to shine alongside Majors

Playas Mob Radio, Shorty Produkshins, WJFP, Jessica Abraham, Jessica N Abraham, Ron Good Hogan, WJFP, Online, Radio, Streaming, Broadcast, Hip Hop, R&B, Business, Independent Music, Independent Artists


Independent music artists are constantly looking for an avenue to be heard by potential fans and to be discovered by the music industry’s top movers and shakers. The problem, however, is that there are multiple avenues for them to do so. And still, their objective is not being achieved due to barriers of entry and/or lack of mixed audience participation.

Independent artists are faced with paying high fees without the promise that they will be heard and accepted with open arms by those that can make their dreams a reality. Often times, they pay high fees, and there is no audience at all. Other times, platforms for distribution and promotion are so saturated that no one is listening, either! Most of the time, options are limited and opportunities to excel are non existent.

Enter Playas Mob Radio. AXS sat down with them today to find out more about what they do, who they are and what keeps them going!

According to the description given on their official website:

“The Playas Mob Radio Show acts as a platform to showcase Independent Acts and give a platform to current top talents and veteran stars to use for PR …They’re listening!”

Playas Mob Radio has found a way to bring audiences together. They also do it cross-platform. Each and every Saturday night, Playas Mob Radio, a radio show based out of Fort Pierce, Florida, dedicates their programming to undiscovered talents, allowing them to shine around the Globe. With live and simultaneous broadcasts through six FM stations around the State of Florida, Playas Mob Radio captures audiences at home and via their car stereo systems on the traditional radio dial. To listeners out of the broadcast areas, the show has been made available at WJFP.com, PlayasMobRadio.com and through Tunein Radio’s web and mobile apps. Once aired, the show is then archived to Soundcloud and other sites around the net.

The great thing about Playas Mob Radio is, again, the dedication to the independent artist. The show allows unknown artists to be placed into weekly rotation, yes; but it does so much more! Because Playas Mob Radio invites major acts onto the show on a weekly basis, it is guaranteed that new potential fans will be tuned in from all over the World. It also means that when these fans share the archived show, independent artists have just now become viral! It also means that Playas Mob Radio has been introduced to the masses. The artists have now been introduced to the producers, managers, promoters, record labels, etc. of the major label act who appears on the show. These people stay tuned in on a regular basis, thereafter because they see the platform being delivered and may be able to benefit from it. Talent scouts have now latched on to Playas Mob Radio, and artists are being discovered!

Playas Mob Radio puts emphasis on giving the independent artist a way to shine. Not only will they achieve this through radio play and interviews, but Playas Mob has also implemented a personal experience that will stick to listeners for years to come! Audiences are able to call in and ask these talents and executives questions based on their history, challenges and strategies associated with their careers. These are topics that are already hit on during the interview process with the acts and yet elaborated on through the listener. The talent is also encouraged to give tips and motivation to the listeners and how they are able to connect with them directly for networking purposes.

Not only does Playas Mob Radio shed light with their weekly radio show, but a magazine, social network and internet television channel is in the works. Playas Mob Radio is also responsible for weekly events in Orlando and Fort Pierce. They also travel out of the state for events in Pennsylvania and Georgia, further allowing independent artists and DJs to shine!

To find out more about Playas Mob Radio, visit the official website and see for yourself what the fuss is about!

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Playas Mob Radio: Breaking independents via Online and traditional platforms

Playas Mob Radio | Be Heard.


Today, November 12, 2014, Examiner sat down with Playas Mob Radio of WJFP-FM and discussed how they are combining traditional, Online and modernized marketing efforts in “breaking independent artists, brands and causes, Worldwide.” And, while there are many Online radio stations and shows saturating the World of Streaming Radio Broadcasting, Playas Mob Radio is doing “it” a bit differently.

Playas Mob Radio is a radio show dedicated to independent artists, brands and causes looking to expand audiences, create awareness and be heard by those who matter — often times that A&R, who is scouting out new talents. Other times, it is the potentially shareable fanbase of the featured guests to the show that week.

Guests in the past have included Industry Professionals, both behind the scenes and in the forefront of the industry, such as Kevin Shine of the F.I.R.M., Willie “Bum Bum” Baker, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Sanchez Holmes, OMG Girls, Rico Wade and Sleepy Brown of Organized Noize, Big Boi of Outkast and many more!

While the show is made available, Online, through Tune-in Radio’s Web & Mobile App Platforms and WJFP.com, “the coolest radio show in the World” is actually available live on the FM dial! Playas Mob Radio is broadcasted on six FM-station buffers reaching out to Central and South Floridians within the broadcast area.

Playas Mob Radio was commenced in 2010 after Ron “Good” Hogan, James “Bootmayne” Minus and Jarvis “Money J” Anthony decided it would be an excellent means of showcasing music created by Playas Mob Entertainment, an entertainment company founded by Mr. Hogan and Mr. Minus in 1999. Since then, they have been “…dedicated to breaking Independent Artists, Businesses and Labels, while providing a platform of PR to those who have already established themselves within the entertainment industry and veterans who may provide entertainment to listeners, Worldwide.

Playas Mob Radio is currently in the works of creating and releasing an Online presence similar to Facebook and Linkedin that “encourages cross-promotion, collaboration, artist development and unity within its pages,” according to their Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Jessica N. Abraham, who has only been with the show since this past summer.

She continues, “We are also working on releasing a physical magazine at the beginning of the year that introduces new artists, businesses and movements to a minimum of 10,000 new audience members a month, as well as through Online and Mobile editions of our future editorial, which is aimed at being interactive in order for important persons of interest to connect directly with acts and brands within our articles.”

In addition to a magazine, the Playas Mob version of a social network will also include discussions on business, economy, sponsorships, the entertainment business and more. There will be a chat room, “tons of videos,” music, archives of past shows and even a live broadcast link to listeners outside the FM reach. Here, fans may also connect directly with their favorite On-Air Personalities, including “Mr. Good,” “Bootmayne,” “Money J,” Tracy “East Coast T-Mac” Morgan, “Mz Shorty P” and the new personality, Jesse “Boss J” Anthony.

Fans within the physical listening areas are able to go to the site for more information on Playas Mob events in nearby cities, including weekly events in Orlando, FL, and to be redirected to purchase “beats,” or Hip Hop instrumentals, by Bootmayne, who is also a Producer for Playas Mob Entertainment.

Connecting with direct audiences in both Online and Offline realms, Playas Mob Radio has created a culture within their own niche. Listeners are “always connected” through mobile, portable and desktop devices, and taking advantage of Online Promotion ensures that they will become part of that culture.

Active on Social Media, Playas Mob Radio draws in and interacts with listeners on official accounts, as well as on those of individual personalities. With additional platforms preparing to launch, there is much potential in connecting audiences with unsigned, upcoming talents, their favorite celebrities and legends, new ideas and products and, of course, the inspiration to follow their own dreams while educating themselves on strategies to do so.

Brands, both corporate and local, have much to gain through advertising on these channels. Advertising has not died yet, and Playas Mob Radio has implemented ways to not only advertise trusted brands to their audiences but how to allow them to experience these brands first-hand in encouraging Brand Awareness and Loyalty.

Because Playas Mob has set up this “Conspiracy 2015,” it has led to many listeners to adopting advertised brands, as trendsetters and early adopters, as well as in spreading the word on these products and Playas Mob Radio, itself!

This year alone, Playas Mob Radio has expanded its listening bases greatly! Where it was once listened to by audiences around the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, audiences in Australia began tuning in at great numbers. More recently Ghana, Germany and Morocco have been, as well!

While listeners are tuned in multiple countries all over the map, these particular countries have been gaining numbers very rapidly, which only goes to show that Playas Mob Radio IS “the coolest radio show in the World!” That’s not that bad for a radio show started by three young men in Fort Pierce, Florida, who sought to have their music heard, now is it?

Check out Playas Mob Radio on Saturdays from 8:00 PM Est until 9:00 PM Est on WJFP-FM. You can listen in LIVE via WJFP.com, or through TuneIn Radio’s Web & Mobile App platforms.

If you are in Florida, try one of these six FM stations below, and don’t forget to call in:

  • 91.1 FM Fort Pierce
  • 88.5 FM Clewiston
  • 93.9 FM Cocoa Beach
  • 94.3 FM Melbourne
  • 107.1 FM West Palm Beach
  • 90.7 FM Vero Beach

*For coverage maps, please see http://wjfp.com/site/page.php?pid=about

Archives of previous shows can be found on SoundCloud.

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