Yurb’s Definition of Grown | A positive movement towards standards and morale.

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Honorable and with a style centered around the grown and sexy, Yurb, an emerging artist from Fort Pierce, Fla., is adamant about his contributions to a higher standard of living and the overall morale of society. As he provides the World with his new single, “Slyde,” from his debut album, Grown Folks Music Volume 1, Terrance “Yurb” Yearby is a mirror image of what a true Leo is destined to be. Yurb is a warm-spirited, fierce and confident soul full of ambition and loyalty. His loyalty is to an old way of living, where people actually dated and where courtship and romance are king. Not just a romantic, his dominant inner-Leo shines through aggressively, dominantly and proving his loyalty to the betterment of his kingdom.

He met with AXS April 7, to give a little more detail into who he is and where his is going.

Growing up in Fort Pierce, he was faced with the challenges of the inner city, as well as the lack of opportunity that comes with living in a country town. Yurb has been a witness to much adversity and a disheartened society, leading him to become a great survivor in this world and to continue at striving to make a difference. As a man of faith, he has become a strong man, who is able to stand up to whatever God has placed in his path. And as a lion, he will conquer any challenge that is set in that path.

Introduced to his life-long passion for singing and performance, Yurb commenced his journey as a young child at Bass Temple Cogic (Church of God in Christ), a church that he calls home to this day. Starting in the children’s choir, he progressed into the adult choir upon election as Lead for a majority of songs performed in the church. It is also where he learned to play the drums.

His involvement at Bass Temple Cogic transitioned into his secular life at Port St. Lucie High, as he joined forces with a group of friends, including brother, James, and childhood friends, Otis and Isaiah. The four-part quartet, “Gospel Boys,” also included his cousin, Mike, at one point. Mike left the group when his family moved away from the area. The group performed around the city, as well as in front of the church congregation. His journey with the group has led him to several major cities in the Southeast Region of the United States. And while he loved what he encountered, nothing compared to the city that Fort Pierce had been to his upbringing.

Writing all of his own material and even singing all of his own background vocals, he realized that he wanted to show audiences what being “grown” is all about – that being “grown” is simply a matured state of mind. It is also reflective of how your heart is toward others, which translates to the standards and morals of a society and the loving appreciation for God’s grace. ”God is Great!” exclaims Yearby.

Working with many musicians in the entertainment industry, Yurb began to develop his undeniable abilities in the live music arena. He mastered the drums and began to really show his talent with the bass guitar. This has led him to work and collaborate with a plethora of producers, such as Vybe, Mig-L, Ric & Thaddeus, J’Von and Lo. Because of his appearance, morals and love for God, his style really began to stand out and take form. And like many others before him, his faith has led him to his ultimate destination.

Prepared to release his Grown Folks Music Volume 2 album, due for release August 2015, Yurb demonstrates his ability to stay true to his roots, while creating secular music for all to enjoy. With his focus on radio, colleges and clubs, targeting the grown and sexy crowds, he releases music that celebrates his inner world… his inner desire… his inner peace. And, while secular in nature, there is no escaping his Gospel origins. That “church boy” singing ability is too powerful to be concealed; and as a Leo, he can’t help but release his roar!

This artist, signed to Fort Pierce’s BFE, Big Fish Entertainment, is ready for what the road brings. He is eager to gain a deepened success in order to help others. His end goal, believe it or not, is to actually change the industry. And while many misuse this phrase due to conceited connotation, Yurb wants to literally change it by providing an alternative route for those entering the entertainment business.

He would like to use his resources, including plans for a future studio and record label, to open doors to those independent artists and businesses, who are less known and may not have the resources to get where they need to be. He wants to provide direction, development and quality to these artists, becoming a role model and mentor for those up and coming. He wants to give the tools and avenues for promotion to to those who have an internal hunger to be something more, while providing positive influence to society.

To his fans, followers and fellow acts, Yurb left us with this statement: “You don’t have to sell out. You dont have to be like anyone else… be yourself. Your fans are going to come to you. You will have your own style and your own fans. Always trust in God and never give up!” Be on the look out for Grown Folks Music Volume 2 in upcoming months! And, don’t forget to stay grown, sexy and positive!

Visit YurbMusic.com for more information on Yurb and to witness his journey to success!

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Florida businesses promote ‘independent’ through annual Pittsburgh cause

Orlando and Pittsburgh business join hands for a Toys-for-Tots Charity Event


SweetNote Entertainment, a Production Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, presents an annual Rock’N’Soul Christmas Show that brings regional musicians, fans and area businesses together to raise toys and donations on behalf of the Toys for Tots Foundation to give to children during the holiday season. Each year, SweetNote collaborates with local businesses and corporations to make sure that everyone involved goes home “just a little bit happier.”

Products and services are donated to the company and given away during raffles and to bands, who perform during this charitable event. According to B. Michael Smith, owner of SweetNote Entertainment and Coordinator for this event, set for December 14, 2014, “The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. Our organization is dedicated to the process of making that happen, but we need your help (speaking to artists and businesses all over the United States).”

This year, two Florida-based companies are getting involved in SweetNotes Rock’N’Soul cause — Playas Mob Radio and Shorty Produkshins.

Playas Mob Radio, a weekly radio show that is based in Fort Pierce, broadcasts out of 6 FM stations around the State of Florida and to an International fan-base of Online listeners. Playas Mob Radio, dedicated to breaking Independent Artists, Businesses and Causes, will be presenting one winning band or business with a promotional radio spot during a high profile show to talk about their brand’s history and any upcoming releases.

If it is a band that wins this promo spot, they will also have their latest radio-edited release placed into regular rotation during The Playas Mob Radio Show on WJFP FM. The show will be live on-air and will also be archived for promotional usage for the brand in both Online and Offline arenas.

Shorty Produkshins, an Orlando-based Online Promotions Company specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing and also affiliated with Playas Mob Radio, will be giving away a few items to encourage entrepreneurship, musicianship and, of course, giving during the holiday season and into the new year.

A spokesperson for Shorty Produkshins states that “It is our way of giving back, while helping artists and brands find awareness in the new year. We initially were giving away one graphic art in the form of a digital flyer to one winner to help boost their visibility, professionally and with intrigue, and we still are. However, we realized the need brands have in establishing credibility and awareness that lasts the lifetime of their career. So, we decided that we could write articles, as well, for five brands or bands who really deserve it — which would be more beneficial to them than a graphic design that serves the purpose of one project or announcement. These services will also really benefit their Internet Marketing and SEO efforts.”

They have donated one graphic design and five written articles to promote independent progress in the Pittsburgh Area.

With December 14, just two days away, we can only imagine the magic that the night will behold. Artists, businesses and audiences at Pittsburgh’s Sing Sing venue at the Waterfront can expect a night of entertainment, holiday spirit and motivation to usher them into 2015. Performing at this event, SweetNotes own Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution will take the spotlight alongside acts such as Kinetic, Sun Hound, Hakim Rasheed, Mike Why, Ine, Gene Stovall, Devan Rue and Brian Woods. With a roster like this, this is definitely a night to remember!

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Saloote creates new mobile app to encourage social music collaboration

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Long distance collaboration has never been made easier, especially for friends and family who miss creating music together! Yesterday, November 21, 2014, a new app was launched to Apple devices on behalf of Saloote, “a fun way to perform.”

In a recent press release, Saloote detailed how their new app will revive a social network that dedicated itself to music, long before the days of MySpace. This time they are doing it differently, by giving users a “way to perform, record, mashup and share videos across social media.” The app is free, generating much anticipated “buzz” and “re-inventing the social music experience.” As a matter of fact, well known music is available through the app, under the stipulation that one must record the cover with 1-3 other people for a total of four possible collaboratory artists on one track.

Through a video depiction associated with this press release, the app was demonstrated to audiences for furthered excitement. This app, allows users to record a performance using their own talent,­­ whether it’s a guitar, drums, keyboard, dance, voice, etc. and mash it up with a four-way video screen. The screen may then zoom in and out of each userframe to create a music video, based on original performance of these beloved cover song selections.

A company based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Saloote has recently been awarded one of the “Best New Startups” in 2014 by Venture in LA: Startup Trade Mission, shortly before the launch in Apple’s App Store.

Saloote is expected to participate in several music industry meetups in the South Florida area, with future plans to expand into Austin, New Orleans, and California. They are also planning to generate a large presence through a major attraction at the 2015 SXSW in hopes of further connecting music enthusiasts to one another!

“Music is one of the world’s most powerful, expressive mediums that directly affects people’s hearts. We want to revitalize the community built by the first MySpace, fill the gap that was left and ideally, become the Facebook of music,” said Danilo Pires, CMO of Saloote.

After three years of planning, strategizing and implementation, since its founding in 2011, Saloote is finally here to serve and engage the masses with social music creation. It is now available on all Apple iPad and iPhone devices. One thing to keep in mind per the recent press release from Saloote:

“Saloote is much more than an online recording tool; it enables music lovers and artists to collaborate in a virtual band, synchronizing and mashing up several individual performances into a single music video.”

To download this cool new app today and challenge friends to a sing-off, visit this link to be redirected to the current application download!

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Playas Mob Radio: Breaking independents via Online and traditional platforms

Playas Mob Radio | Be Heard.


Today, November 12, 2014, Examiner sat down with Playas Mob Radio of WJFP-FM and discussed how they are combining traditional, Online and modernized marketing efforts in “breaking independent artists, brands and causes, Worldwide.” And, while there are many Online radio stations and shows saturating the World of Streaming Radio Broadcasting, Playas Mob Radio is doing “it” a bit differently.

Playas Mob Radio is a radio show dedicated to independent artists, brands and causes looking to expand audiences, create awareness and be heard by those who matter — often times that A&R, who is scouting out new talents. Other times, it is the potentially shareable fanbase of the featured guests to the show that week.

Guests in the past have included Industry Professionals, both behind the scenes and in the forefront of the industry, such as Kevin Shine of the F.I.R.M., Willie “Bum Bum” Baker, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Sanchez Holmes, OMG Girls, Rico Wade and Sleepy Brown of Organized Noize, Big Boi of Outkast and many more!

While the show is made available, Online, through Tune-in Radio’s Web & Mobile App Platforms and WJFP.com, “the coolest radio show in the World” is actually available live on the FM dial! Playas Mob Radio is broadcasted on six FM-station buffers reaching out to Central and South Floridians within the broadcast area.

Playas Mob Radio was commenced in 2010 after Ron “Good” Hogan, James “Bootmayne” Minus and Jarvis “Money J” Anthony decided it would be an excellent means of showcasing music created by Playas Mob Entertainment, an entertainment company founded by Mr. Hogan and Mr. Minus in 1999. Since then, they have been “…dedicated to breaking Independent Artists, Businesses and Labels, while providing a platform of PR to those who have already established themselves within the entertainment industry and veterans who may provide entertainment to listeners, Worldwide.

Playas Mob Radio is currently in the works of creating and releasing an Online presence similar to Facebook and Linkedin that “encourages cross-promotion, collaboration, artist development and unity within its pages,” according to their Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Jessica N. Abraham, who has only been with the show since this past summer.

She continues, “We are also working on releasing a physical magazine at the beginning of the year that introduces new artists, businesses and movements to a minimum of 10,000 new audience members a month, as well as through Online and Mobile editions of our future editorial, which is aimed at being interactive in order for important persons of interest to connect directly with acts and brands within our articles.”

In addition to a magazine, the Playas Mob version of a social network will also include discussions on business, economy, sponsorships, the entertainment business and more. There will be a chat room, “tons of videos,” music, archives of past shows and even a live broadcast link to listeners outside the FM reach. Here, fans may also connect directly with their favorite On-Air Personalities, including “Mr. Good,” “Bootmayne,” “Money J,” Tracy “East Coast T-Mac” Morgan, “Mz Shorty P” and the new personality, Jesse “Boss J” Anthony.

Fans within the physical listening areas are able to go to the site for more information on Playas Mob events in nearby cities, including weekly events in Orlando, FL, and to be redirected to purchase “beats,” or Hip Hop instrumentals, by Bootmayne, who is also a Producer for Playas Mob Entertainment.

Connecting with direct audiences in both Online and Offline realms, Playas Mob Radio has created a culture within their own niche. Listeners are “always connected” through mobile, portable and desktop devices, and taking advantage of Online Promotion ensures that they will become part of that culture.

Active on Social Media, Playas Mob Radio draws in and interacts with listeners on official accounts, as well as on those of individual personalities. With additional platforms preparing to launch, there is much potential in connecting audiences with unsigned, upcoming talents, their favorite celebrities and legends, new ideas and products and, of course, the inspiration to follow their own dreams while educating themselves on strategies to do so.

Brands, both corporate and local, have much to gain through advertising on these channels. Advertising has not died yet, and Playas Mob Radio has implemented ways to not only advertise trusted brands to their audiences but how to allow them to experience these brands first-hand in encouraging Brand Awareness and Loyalty.

Because Playas Mob has set up this “Conspiracy 2015,” it has led to many listeners to adopting advertised brands, as trendsetters and early adopters, as well as in spreading the word on these products and Playas Mob Radio, itself!

This year alone, Playas Mob Radio has expanded its listening bases greatly! Where it was once listened to by audiences around the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, audiences in Australia began tuning in at great numbers. More recently Ghana, Germany and Morocco have been, as well!

While listeners are tuned in multiple countries all over the map, these particular countries have been gaining numbers very rapidly, which only goes to show that Playas Mob Radio IS “the coolest radio show in the World!” That’s not that bad for a radio show started by three young men in Fort Pierce, Florida, who sought to have their music heard, now is it?

Check out Playas Mob Radio on Saturdays from 8:00 PM Est until 9:00 PM Est on WJFP-FM. You can listen in LIVE via WJFP.com, or through TuneIn Radio’s Web & Mobile App platforms.

If you are in Florida, try one of these six FM stations below, and don’t forget to call in:

  • 91.1 FM Fort Pierce
  • 88.5 FM Clewiston
  • 93.9 FM Cocoa Beach
  • 94.3 FM Melbourne
  • 107.1 FM West Palm Beach
  • 90.7 FM Vero Beach

*For coverage maps, please see http://wjfp.com/site/page.php?pid=about

Archives of previous shows can be found on SoundCloud.

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Power of Viral: Rachel Jeantel takes the stand

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The Power of Viral strikes yet again! Many people still doubt the effect of Internet Marketing and Social for businesses and brands. NEVER underestimate the Power of Viral!

If you have been scrolling Facebook for these last two days, you have probably have witnessed a feed full of content surrounding the George Zimmerman case. Most of these statuses have responded to the witness testimony of Rachel Jeantel, the friend of Trayvon Martin who witnessed the whole situation leading up to his murder via telephone call.

Through all the comments and remarks about her speech, appearance and action, as being questioned by George Zimmerman’s defense attorney, you also see people asking where they can also tune-in to witness the trial, themselves.

Here, you see the Power of Viral take effect, as people are directed to multiple streaming outlets via the Internet and/or local television stations. While people are dissecting this young girl’s character, no matter how much older she looks than she truly is, these web outlets are receiving new traffic and converting awareness to long-term consumers (provided their content is “sticky”) across the United States.

For the past few days, I have witnessed solely Orlando residents speaking about the case and making comments about the “star witness.” Today, I am watching friends in California, Pittsburgh, New York — and even London — speaking about the case and inquiring where to find it Online so that they can join in this “what-has-now-become-social” event. It’s interesting how widespread the case has become, and even more, the content of it.

Together, we are watching the live streaming trial. Many of us may never be watching anything simultaneously again (other than sports)! However, we all will continue to share in the conversation in real-time based on what we are witnessing.

Many people are at work at the moment, and they still watch via mobile or Internet. Many cannot watch it now, but they will follow through to the websites, suggested by friends, for archived streams. Referrals are the most trusted form of Brand Awareness and what leads to effective Viral Marketing. Referrals by friends and family members are trusted over referrals by a company that stands to “make a buck or two” over it.

Orlando is known for some of the most intense cases. Unfortunately, the “in-demand” material is highly sought after, and people are critically watching and speaking. Can the Power of Viral damage the “City of Orlando” brand through this, or can it show the world that “If you mess up in Orlando, you shall be dealt with?”

Does content like this continue to heighten racial tension? Maybe it helps detract it a bit. Why? Because while there are some racists joining into the conversation, Social Conversation can “combat negative reactions.”

People can speak on matters of the heart and society. Stereotypes can be broken, leaving stereotyped remarks left to “look stupid.” While many are downplaying the character of this young girl, it gives them the “go ahead” to speak freely about a stereotypical character that continues to portray a mainstream “ideal” of certain groups of people. Others grouped in this category are proving these ideals wrong! So, while her character has brought in traffic to these streams and opened a negative conversation, positive results may take place from it within our world.

As I write this article and listen to the live feed, I hear a segment about Social Media by one of WFTV Orlando’s Legal Analysts, Bill Sheaffer (who is also an Attorney), speak about Social Media. I am unable to play back the direct quote. So, I apologize if it isn’t an exact quote and/or a bit out of order, but he states (and I think it is important to add):

“Social Media is always there. It’s a new world… with an emphasis on the importance of Social Media… Going back to the Casey Anthony case… her home computer was a vital piece of evidence in the case with her daughter. Twitter wasn’t back then what it is now, recording every moment of our daily lives. Even when deleted, it is always there. You can’t just scrub it away…”

And, this content always stands the chance of becoming viral in our World, just as it has for Rachel Jeantel.

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