An energetic, passionate and vision-driven leader in social branding, public relations and design strategy, firmly believe in the principle of “branding social” in gaining ongoing awareness, loyalty and tenure. Take charge in the marketing, optimization and development of creative content, manifesting vision and telling stories, both fictional and non-fictional, in the acquisition of new customers, sales and territories, while establishing brand voice and persona across all ongoing campaign initiatives. Direct teams into successful execution of market strategy, while providing them with innovative training programs, mentorship and outlets for development. A recognized writer, create and publish content for major global online platforms, demonstrating expertise in business, marketing, technology and the entertainment industry.

 — Areas of Expertise —

  • Strategic Planning & Analysis
  • Market Trends & Competitive Intelligence
  • Content Development & Distribution
  • Social Branding & Public Relations
  • Traditional & Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Traditional & Digital Media Strategies
  • Advertising, Sales & Copywriting
  • Communications Management Strategies
  • Operations & Business Development
  • Budget & Resource Management
  • Executive Leadership & Team Building
  • Risk Management & Analysis
  • Multicultural Markets & Demographics
  • Design Strategies & Style Guides
  • Graphic Design & Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Event Marketing & Coordination
  • Social Media & Community Outreach
  • Media Buys & Aggregation
  • Streaming & Terrestrial Radio Broadcasting
  • Blogs, Article-Writing & Journalism
  • Audio Production & Engineering
  • Brand Standards & Storytelling
  • Technical Writing & Documentation
  • Programs & Project Management
  • Strategic Partnerships & Sponsorships
  • Brand Awareness & Monitoring

Specializing in the areas of business, technology, human resources, B2B solutions and career development, including topics of:

recruitment, human resources administration, talent acquisition, hiring cycles, resume building, personal and professional development, career transitions, workforce optimization, team-building, leadership, sales, prospecting, personality types, productivity, behavioral styles, behavioral analysis, globalization, marketing, coaching and the job Industry, personal branding, performance, solutions-selling, IoT, wearables, tech news, digital gadgetry, web RTC, unified communications, mobile apps, tech marketing, tech trends, social media, security, HRIS and enterprise solutions, cloud computing, location-based technologies, tech partnerships, digital gadgetry and new technologies



Orlando, Florida, 2016 to Present

A professional resume writing agency, providing comprehensive services to clients around the globe.


Bringing a unique edge to the art of resume writing, established the Resume.Academy with a mission of educating job seekers on the latest sciences and standards behind applicant tracking systems (ATS) and how to effectively tell their personal stories by crafting the perfect resume. Began taking on clients from more than 20 different industries and at various stages in the corporate hierarchy. Working with a number of clients from around the world, developed comprehensive strategies for the creation of visually aesthetic resumes, cover letters and web collateral, including portfolio sites, social media presences and graphic one-sheets to accompany their resume project. Assertively developed LinkedIn documentation on behalf of client interests, telling the client’s story through first-person narratives, making them more approachable and driving more traffic to their LinkedIn presence. Taking on and juggling 15+ projects a week, continued to receive positive feedback from 90 to 95% of clients, stating that they have quickly received immediate calls for interview and/or have been placed into a position higher than they had previously aimed. Maintained an average of 65 to 70% of clients that go on to refer their network to Resume.Academy for services, as rendered, while 50+% of clients have returned in the last three years to have their resumes updated and/or additional services added on to previous project renderings. Currently hold a 4.8-star rating on Thumbtack, as well as 5-star ratings on Facebook and multiple other sites around the web, earning a number of accolades, incoming opportunities and awards for services provided.

Key Contributions:

  • Met with each client on a one-on-one basis, whether in-person, over-the-phone and/or via email correspondence, detailing the resume writing process and expectations, therein, while encouraging ongoing collaboration throughout the resume writing process; developed a series of questionnaires and prompts that would gather intracule details about the client’s career journey, often uncovering unique skills, talents and contributions that they didn’t realize they actually had.
  • Engaged in ongoing market and industry research, while remaining current on effective strategies for the development of resumes, as according to the best interests of clients, hiring managers, ATS engines and recruiters across industry; positioned clients to break through barriers of entry and advance in their career journeys under higher demand, salary and inquiry, whereas the odds were previously not in their favor.
  • Closed on between 80 to 90% of sales, related to service inquiry, as dependent on hiring trends across industry, economic and social factors, relating to the workforce.
  • Developed personal and professional brands for each client, giving them both credibility and a meaningful voice within the corporate arena, while demonstrating their individual abilities to drive impact, influence teams, produce results, create solutions, improve performance and increase productivity for their previous employers; drew correlation between existing contributions and what each client could bring to the table if hired by the new organization through scalability and action.


        Integral to the ongoing development of marketing content and collateral for the brand, engaged potential clients in blog and articles, relating to job and career search, while providing awareness of Resume.Academy and its many service offerings through the web. Developed graphics, press releases, industry news, informative blogs on resume writing standards, social media content and relevant web copy. Utilized advanced search engine optimization (SEO) to drive increased traffic to web assets and deliverables. Increased web impressions, followers, shares, likes and comments, while improving conversions from inquiry to sale. Created all brand-related collateral for Resume.Academy, including logos, graphics and video content. Developed a highly responsive mobile and web design with eCommerce-related features, improving both reach and sales directly on the web.  


Orlando, Florida, 2003 to Present

Providing content development and writing services to some of today’s top brands in news, travel, journalism, business and technology.


        Actively wrote for a plethora of branded platforms and major news sites, contributing to daily web content, informative blogs and breaking news stories at an upwards of 10K word per day. Provided subject matter expertise in the development of evergreen, creative and curated content, both native and organic, on the topics of local business, entertainment, technology, globalization, career development, innovation, digital gadgetry, travel and more. Individual clients in entertainment, health, business, sports and automotive industries. A few of the most recent major contributions include:

  • HALEY MARKETING GROUP (2019 – Present)
  • Blogged on behalf of HMG’s prestigious clientele within recruitment and talent acquisitions, creating 300 to 1000-word articles, surrounding the topics of hiring cycles, talent acquisitions, contracts-for-hire, outsourcing, temp agencies, etc.

  • PEOPLEKEYS | DISC INSIGHTS (2018 – Present)
  • Recognized as a lead blogger for DISC Insights and a key member of the branding team, contributed 500 to 1000-word blogs and articles, whitepapers, eBooks and research papers on the four behavior styles, strengths and personalities of the professional workforce.
  • Prepared articles, relating to DISC theory, behavior analysis, behavioral attitude indexing and corporate business practices, including topics relating to: hiring strategies, talent solutions, globalization, project management, workforce optimization, communications, predictive hiring, coaching, team-building, human resources, strategic partnerships and optimization of the workforce.  
  • CBS LOCAL | MIAMI & TAMPA (2014 – 2016):
  • Acted as a virtual guide to all things “South Florida” and “Tampa,” directing both tourists and locals to the areas’ “Best Of” in categories detailing regional favorites and noteworthy establishments, while introducing readers to area business owners and providing brief histories through insightful articles, lists and travel tips.
  • Earned authorship of Nestlé-sponsored “Fresh Faces” campaign through demonstrated excellence on the platform.
  • Produced daily technology news for various TMC-related entities, platforms and clientele, covering topics, relating to: mobile technologies, enterprise solutions, automation, human resource information systems (HRIS), unified communications (UC), WebRTC, IoT (Internet of Things), future technologies, information securities, connected devices, innovation, tech partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Earned daily featured article placement onto multiple sites for the industry leader in technology news, affiliates and clientele.

  • TALENT ZOO & DIGITAL PIVOT (2015 –2016):
  • Acted as Lead Blogger for DigitalPivot, writing on topics of new technologies and digital gadgetry, while quickly driving five-times more traffic and impressions to the site than tenured writers within the platform; captivated readers, daily, encouraging conversation on-site, while increasing the number of shares content would receive on social media through each web presence.  
  • Reported to the parent site, Talent Zoo, and various web real estate, as a subject matter expert on marketing and career development with stories, covering resume writing, leadership and BrandYOU; earned recognition for content produced and promoted to the Lead Blogger role on Digital Pivot.  
  • AXS.COM (2014 – 2016):
  • Explored the topic of live music, events and artist exposé, introducing readers to new and emerging talents, independent acts and noteworthy causes, while paying homage to local radio stations, events, streaming platforms and legendary musicians that influenced an industry.
  • EXAMINER (2013 – 2016; Now-Defunct):
  • Provided subject matter expertise to the topics of: business, enterprise, internet marketing, social media and public relations; placed into special on-demand writing programs for demonstrated abilities in writing, engagement and traffic to site.
  • Sought out by global organizations for articles written about their company; asked to write more articles over tenure with articles placed and linked to on corporate websites and associated social media presences.
  • Ranked at the top position for writers in the Orlando Area on many occasions, while placing within the Top 5 for national contributions to both business and marketing news sections of the platform; often earned top placement within Google News for breaking news, related to global and national brands in business, technology and marketing.
  • Curated content for a leading recipe website and Facebook presence, as well as to an all-access site on country music news; left due to person non-interest in content, while continuing to drive major traffic to all web articles, therein.
  • Was asked to return, on multiple occasions, due to “strong,” “amazing” and “wonderful” writing abilities.  
  • Contributed to the initial round of content developed for a major travel and destination platform before go-live and launch to both web and mobile; took on a key project, as an Orlando City Correspondent visiting 50+ hotels in the Orlando tourist area and writing insightful-yet-personable reviews on each hotel experience, unbeknownst to hotel staff and management.
  • Captured the essence of each hotel and its amenities through amateur photography, as to accompany each article and review.


Orlando, Florida, 2003 to 2019

An online promotions company, specializing in social branding, public relations and design strategy.


Instrumental to the branding, marketing and public perception of multiple brands and events around the globe, established Shorty Produkshins in efforts to drive awareness of both established and start-up brands in entertainment, sports, technology and the corporate arena. Specializing in social branding, public relations and design strategy, built brands from the ground up, developing businesses and defining key tenets before exposure to niche markets around the world. Implemented a number of advanced internet marketing and SEO-related tactics into ongoing project delivery, identifying and catering to client needs and establishing a clear plan of action, as according to reach, target audience and budget availability. Led and directed a multidisciplinary team into the successful execution of project scope, while providing influence, training and mentorship to both independent contractors and the intern body. Actively sought and forged strategic partnerships with members of the media, embracing cross-promotional opportunities on behalf of clientele, while appearing on various media platforms, including radio and streaming television, and creating an imprint at major events around the country. Developed web sites and social media content, graphic design and ad copy, press and social media releases, while actively establishing brand-related collateral for a number of clients, including brand, vision and mission statements, service-related offerings and product descriptions. Monitored the reputation of many brands, combatting negative feedback in public forum while turning each experience into a more positive one. Designed a number of user acceptance (UAT), multivariant and A/B testing procedures, comparing the results of ad campaigns with website creatives for improved click-thru-rates (CTR), funneling and on-site conversions.

Key Contributions:

  • Specialized in social branding, the mastery of new social media platforms and development of strengthened networks, valuing the effectiveness of personalized interactions with consumers on behalf of client brands, while building a strong presence on the web and establishing an archetypical voice through social media and creative content distribution.
  • Established brand identity and archetype, preparing effective copy for use across all branded materials, social networks, print and the web; executed multichannel and multiplatform delivery of interactive and personalized marketing strategies, interacting directly with key personnel and decision makers to establish awareness of products, services and/or events.
  • Instrumental in the establishment and adoption of digital marketing channels, monetized revenue streams and online distribution outlets, on behalf of clientele, generating revenue through monetized marketing strategies, resulting in awareness and additional income streams for each client and affiliated brand.
  • Recognized as an expert in public relations and internet marketing, engaged growing audiences in regular and informative articles on the topics of business, marketing and the entertainment industry through publication on internationally-recognized, credible and industry-related news sites; actively engaged as a publicist and 24/7 point of contact for multiple brands, executing strategic delivery of press and social media releases, both online and offline, through traditional and native marketing formats, article writing and blog publication.
  • Provided consultation to individuals and firms, working under NDA as a subject matter expert (SME) in preparation and execution of both social media and internet marketing plans of action, media kits and sponsorship packages, as well as proposals, presentations and executive communications, translating immediate marketing needs to stakeholders, directors and partner relations.
  • Prepared and implemented effective design strategies into a variety of graphic and web design projects, including print and digital deliverables, web layouts and niche social network design, branding deliverables, such as mood boards and style guides, and creative one-sheets, such as infographics for resume covers.
  • Drafted press materials in AP-style format, including news releases, media alerts, bios, fact sheets and pitch-worthy documentation; drafted speeches and arranged interviews for top executives of client organizations, introducing audiences to the face behind each brand.
  • Continually researched media outlets and content distribution networks for maximum exposure, conversion and revenue gain; investigated all new platforms, industry trends and competitive intelligence reporting, developing tactics that ensure success for each campaign and that they are reaching the right target audiences in the most effective places.
  • Sought out value-added opportunities to accompany media plans, enhancing promotions and advertising packages, while providing the best results for the end-customer; forged alliances for sponsorship, endorsement, guest appearances and cross-promotional initiatives, leveraging brand tenets in driving the best deal for all parties involved.
  • Secured event sponsorship and coordinated all logistical elements said event, including social media activities and tracking of duties across event management systems; tracked all project goals and milestones through week-by-week targets of set KPI metrics, monitoring the progress of event activity, funding and team contribution, and analyzing processes for areas of key improvement.
  • Maximized visibility of all public relations, advertising, social media and marketing endeavors to diverse markets, creating and distributing the most engaging, efficient and responsive media mix possible; created content that would emotionally connect with target audiences and drive increased ROIs for client organizations.


New York City, New York, 2014 to 2017

The world’s leading agency in professional resume writing, servicing today’s top brands in job and career search.


Acknowledged as being one of the top 10% of writers within the organization, joined forces with an outsourcing agency for many of today’s top resume service companies, job search and career development websites. Recruited for capabilities in marketing and SEO, began designing and developing resumes for entry-level professionals, industry leaders, scientists, medical professionals, IT specialists and military personnel around the globe. Rewrote and reformatted existing resumes, while developing new content in which would improve the client’s chances at placing within ATS systems. Marketed clients as top candidates within their industry, utilizing a comprehensive mix of quality public relations strategy and creative writing technique to depict each client in the best possible light. Provided VIP services to executive-level clientele, showcasing their achievements over duties, and the impact they drove within former organizations. Received a great amount of accolade for the quick turn-around of projects and strategy used in writing new resumes.

Key Contributions:

  • Dramatically increased the response rate for many prestigious clientele under Talent:Inc with a few former clients reporting that they now earn in the upper six figures, a dramatic increase from previous salaries, while averaging 25 to 40 VIP resume projects per week.
  • Provided phone consultation and resume strategy sessions, while delivering personalized resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters to satisfied clientele all over the world; resulted in most clients reporting that they have received interview requests within days, if not hours, after posting their new resume to job boards, while continuing to gain momentum within their ongoing job search.


Los Angeles, California, 2012 to 2016

A controversial live streaming television and radio show on topics of civics, law, health, history, media, society and culture.


Key to the success of nearly five seasons of the streaming online broadcast, earned a promotion to the role of producer during a live episode of The Sabir Bey Show, a show often considered by some, as “controversial” yet “edu-taining.” Coordinated all elements of the show from a remote location, interfacing between engineers, program directors, celebrity guests, advertisers and the show’s host, to ensure the smooth and seamless airing of each and every episode of the show in its entirety. Engaged in ongoing sponsorship outreach, while cultivating relationships across niche communities and forging bonds on behalf of the weekly broadcast. Earned the show a great amount of recognition, as featured on various media platforms, both traditional and digital in nature. Continually sought new opportunities for expansion, audience growth and cross-promotion.  


Integral to all efforts in marketing, branding and public relations for The Sabir Bey Show and Sabir Bey brands, including The Sabir Bey Show: Hip Hop Edition, The Actuality Show and all affiliated DVD Projects, drove a sharp increase in sales, bookings and traffic conversion through an aggressive mix of digital marketing and branding strategies, media placement and ongoing outreach initiatives. Ushered in regular viewership through ongoing social media placement, growing the station’s entire viewership from an upwards of 4M weekly viewers to 8M+ viewers just during the live broadcast of The Sabir Bey Show, while expanding the brand’s presence into 180+ countries across the globe and capitalizing on LATalkLive’s extensive network of broadcast medium, including: iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Roku,,, Mobile Platforms, Tune-In Radio, RadioFlag, UStream, Youtube and more. Transitioned the Sabir Bey brand and all subsidiaries during the migration from LATalkLive to RMCOnAir, acclimating audiences to new platforms and destinations, as owned by Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles Media Center in the Greater Los Angeles Area and aired live at eight different restaurant locations across the city. Designed all brand assets, including a logo, proprietary website and social network for the Sabir Bey brand, as equipped with a web store, paid membership options and live chat. Produced all graphics, flyers and DVD covers, media kits and proposals.

Key Contributions:

  • Encouraged ongoing communication between the brand and hesitant niche audiences, who are often standoffish when connecting with brands across social media; interacted live with audiences during each broadcast, encouraging conversation, invites and shares across social media, while retaining 95% of all viewership across the globe.
  • Produced The Sabir Bey Show app for Android and had it published within Google Play, while allowing iPhone users to access an HTML5 version of the app through their mobile browser; successfully exceeded 5K in user downloads during the first month of publication, before leaving the show for new opportunities in media.
  • Co-creator of the #MoorishLivesMatter campaign, educating society on Moorish heritage and why it matters in today’s society; encouraged a great number of media shares, impressions and contributions from the show’s most dedicated viewers.
  • An agent of change, assessed potential deficiencies and risk in process, identifying issues, gaps within business and operational concerns, while formulating scalable campaigns in order to improve operations and minimize problems that could otherwise occur.
  • Provided fact sheets and press releases to various media outlets, persuading and inspiring readers through careful preparation of guest columns, interviews and appearances; persuaded audience interests by presenting key data in the form of educational, entertaining and newsworthy content.


Fort Pierce, Florida, 2014 to 2016

A weekly FM radio show with a large web presence, introducing audiences to both major and independent acts around the world.  

PRODUCER & ENGINEER, 2015 to 2016

Produced, engineered and mastered a number of shows for live broadcast to terrestrial FM radio and as simultaneously aired through online streaming platforms. Rebroadcasted the show through unaffiliated streams and uploaded final broadcasts to platforms, such as ReverbNation, YouTube, Soundcloud and Facebook in continued promotion of the weekly radio show. Edited music and interviews to filter out offensive language before broadcasts through traditional media, remaining in compliance with FCC regulations, station policies and procedures.

Key Contributions:

  • Significantly improved the quality of sound, programming and content upon taking reign as producer and engineer, and as coupled with efforts in ongoing marketing and public relations; grew audiences from less than 20-share to more than 28-during live broadcast to six terrestrial stations across the State of Florida and the Bahamas. Additionally, grew online audiences to 300K+ during live airing of the show.
  • Cultivated relationships across various media outlets and distribution channels, identifying which venues deemed most appropriate for campaign-specific targets, budgets and audience reach, while acting as an influential party, thriving within a team environment.


Key in the development of all business and marketing-related initiatives, providing continued guidance and strategy toward growth, expansion and awareness-driven initiatives, while cultivating loyalty and trust amongst all new and existing audiences. Tripled online listenership in little under a year through the design of a highly interactive media platform and centralized social media presence, driving traffic from a number of resources, relating to the independent artist, local business owners and independent media networks. Founded the talent scout program and provided multiple opportunities to members of the community, up-and-coming artists and those in support of the music industry, while promoting the brand to massive audiences across the State of Florida, including 18 major cities and surrounding areas in the region. Continued to increase listenership by fortifying partnerships with established members of the media and cultivating bonds with executives of major labels and the entertainment industry. Designed flyers, graphics and marketing collateral on behalf of the Playas Mob brand, often securing placement upon various web sites, blogs and news-related platforms. Coordinated the filming and publication of music videos, video blogs (vlogs) and digital media content, while monitoring the brand’s reputation under alignment with a unified vision for the future. Brought organization to a dying brand and turned-around its impact within the community with a fresher look, more professional demeanor and improved quality, all around.  

Key Contributions:

  • Developed high-performance teams of creative influencers, recruiting and positioning talents, based on areas of expertise and specialization; evaluated the strength of each member, scheduling them based on need, availability, strengths and project scope.
  • Defined critical project needs, actively listening to requirements and seeking solutions for increased efficiency; set realistic goals, milestones and timelines at project commencement, compiling cost-related data, budgets and timelines into preliminary scope.


Took on a role with the Playas Mob Radio Show, as the fifth personality and feminine energy to the weekly radio broadcast. Rapidly grew the attention of global audiences by establishing a loyal online presence and introducing on-demand streaming content in ways the brand never had attempted before. Engaged with live audiences, booked major label talents and encouraged interaction through live calls between fans and their favorite acts from around the globe. Created a more inspiring and professional format that would not only entertain audiences but would also educate listeners on the entertainment business, drawing them back week-after-week in suspense of new information in which they might apply to their own endeavors. Developed, coordinated and hosted live events, partnering with local venues, sponsors and disc jockeys in various cities across the US, including charitable events and causes, parties, open mics and live artist showcases. Acting as brand ambassador, made multiple appearances, on behalf of Playas Mob and Shorty Produkshins.

** *** **

Previously earned a reputation for excellence in the following roles:

Relationship Advisor
INGENIO, 2012 to 2018

Marketing Project Manager | Blogger
LET’S BE HONEST, 2013 to 2014

Marketing & Entertainment Business

Owner | Engineer | Music Producer

Internet Marketer | Talent Recruiter
QLIQUE.COM, 2007 to 2008

Early Learning Tutor | Mentor


Master of Fine Arts in Media Design

FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY | Winter Park, Florida | 2012

Master of Science in Internet Marketing

FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY | Winter Park, Florida | 2010

Master of Science in Entertainment Business

FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY | Winter Park, Florida | 2009

Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Business

FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY | Winter Park, Florida | 2005

Associate of Science in Recording Arts

FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY | Winter Park, Florida | 2004


DISC Certified | Introduction to Behavioral Analysis – PeopleKeys, 2019

Internationally Certified Writer & Editor – IAPWE, 2017


SOFTWARE: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote), QuickBooks, iMovie, OBS Studio, Adobe Mastersuite Collection (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, SoundBooth, Audition, Dreamweaver, Flash, Capture), Web & Mobile Platform Design (Spruz Social Platform, MobiRise, ExtendStudios Products, GoodBarber, GoAnimate) Analytics Tools (Quantcast, Alexa, Compete, StatCounter, Social Media Analytics Tools), Google (Adsense, Tags, Adwords, Webmaster, Analytics, Drive, Keep, Social Media Advertising), Digital Audio Workstations (DigiDesign ProTools, GarageBand, Reason, Fruityloops), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SnapChat, YouTube, Pages, EyeEm, Live.Me, UStream, Facebook Creator, Patreon), Cloud-Based Programs & Content Management Systems: (FileZilla, Basecamp, Kapost, WorkBook)

PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: HTML, HTML5, CSS, Basic JavaScript, API Utilization, Bootstrap, WordPress



  • Voted one of Orlando’s Best Resume Writers for Three-Years in a Row, 2017, 2018, 2019

ON-AIR PROMOTION | The Sabir Bey Show

  • Promoted as Producer during Live, On-air Broadcast, 2014


  • Defining Client Needs, 2010
  • Mobile Marketing & Commerce, 2009
  • Internet Marketing & Web Search, 2009
  • Entertainment Media Publishing & Distribution, 2009
  • Project & Team Management, 2008


  • Web Panelist on Internet Marketing & Social Branding – Pivoting Digital, 2017
  • Awarded Authorship of Nestlé-Sponsored “Fresh Faces” Campaign – CBS Local, 2016
  • Asked to Speak at Various Conferences & Events
  • Earned Multiple Long-Term Titles within Client Organizations for Excellence in Servicing
  • Won Multiple Scholarships for Academic and Community Excellence – Full Sail Education, 2008 to 2011
  • Nominated for Three (3) Shorty Awards, 2010
  • Named National Promoter for HowUDewin, Atlanta’s Art Stimulus Program, 2009
  • Earned Executive Producer Credit on (5) 2008 Summer Projects for Grammy Nominated & Winning Acts
  • Artists Marketed & Accepted to Major Recording Labels


International Association of Professional Writers and Editors | IAPWE Certified Writer (2017 to Present)

Network for Arab American Professionals |NAAP Member (2017 to Present)

Alliance for Women in Media |AWM Member (2015 to Present)

Mentoring & Inspiring Women in Radio | MIW – Member (2015 to Present)

Internet Marketing Association | IMA Member (2013 to Present)

National Association of Professional Women | NAPW – Member (2013 to Present)

Orange County Additions | United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Charter School, Bailes Campus Parent Volunteer, 2016 to 2017

W.E.E.N. | Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network Member, 2008 to 2016

The Recording Academy Member, 2008 to 2014

Florida Music Festival Sponsor (2010, 2011), Volunteer (2005)

*More active in some over others.