Mobile Technologies Facilitate Evolved Call Center Experiences

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Financial institutions are becoming bold when interacting with clientele through mobile technologies. According to Brian Day of The Members Group, “Long gone are the days when a call center was…well… just a call center.” He breaks down the reality of innovative banking, as many financial institutions are adopting evolving technologies in meeting consumer behaviors where they “ring” most effective.

It was once reported that more people own a mobile device than own a toothbrush. And sometimes it seems like more people are willing to share their toothbrush than share their mobile device. For this reason, mobile phones are considered to be very personal to everyone accessing sensitive data through their devices. Financial institutions are literally cashing in on this fact. Hence, the increasing need for call center banking to put options into the hands of mobile users worldwide.

Early adopters have gotten it right. Suntrust Bank was one of the earliest institutions to allow their patrons mobile banking for checking deposits. Scanning a check allowed users to visit a virtual bank. Shortly after, more popular banking institutions followed suit. Now, banking institutions are shifting gears into the mobile customer service experience. Text, live chat, e-mail correspondence, social media and interactive ATM tellers are facilitating this process.

In some states, such as Texas, financial institutions are adopting social media as a form of customer service, allowing representatives to interact with patrons via popular social networks. Some institutions are linking directly to a customer’s mobile device to answer questions and troubleshoot concerns. Others are utilizing mobile applications, such as “WhatsApp” to connect with customers who are unable to speak outright. 

Omni-channel communications are leading businesses to change the way they do business. Now medical records are even accessible via mobile device. Texting private data to a trusted source is becoming more commonplace. The fear of interception seems to be decreasing, and businesses are latching on to the potential that rests at their feet.

Businesses are meeting their customers where they are most available. Financial institutions are now finding benefit in using these insights to interact with customers after business hours. Evolving customer service centers will soon become a command station for multi-channel communications. Mobile technologies will be implemented into most, if not all, call center experiences.

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