Let’s Talk Quality: YOU are responsible for YOUR name!

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You know, there is a law that you should ALWAYS be responsible to uphold. As a Marketer, there will always be projects that come your way. Many of those projects will be more lucrative than others. But, what will you do with those offers? Do you accept them or not?

As a Marketing Expert, it is your responsibility to act responsibly for your brand. As you recall from previous articles, your company and clients aren’t the only brands you should be worried about.

YOU are a brand. As a matter of fact, YOU ARE what they call BrandYOU.

In accepting gigs, please pay attention to the “Law of Quality.” This doesn’t mean that the product has to be quality. But, the morale behind it should also be quality.

Who and what is this product benefiting and why? Does it relate to your branding structure? For example, you work on mostly Non Profit projects and projects for churches and religious groups. But, you have a very lucrative “adult” project thrown in your direction. Do you take it?

You have to understand that any project you work on will affect your name, as your brand is your name and is attached to all that you work on. Your client base, and even competitors, will become responsive to your releases and contributions.

Word often spreads. Will your accepted projects take from the brand you have created? If you are a “Sports Marketer,” but do projects for a cosmetic company, you can never be called THE (with an emphasis on the “e”) Sports Marketer, because now you show no specific niche. Who is your specific target market?

While it is important to act responsibly for your brand’s sake, this does NOT mean to turn down gigs as they come to you. This actually means the opposite.

Why not build a portfolio in another niche? Wait? Did I just say that? How can you build a portfolio in another niche without confusing your expertise amongst audiences?

Easily! Check this out:

  • 1. Choose an Alias/Penname and establish a “Doing Business As” Business Entity through your local government.
  • 2. *Optional* get an EIN and bank account related to that name — unless you are okay with your current being used.
  • 3. Alternatively, sign Non Disclosures with the firm/client seeking business with you to mask business between entities.
  • 4. Accept the business and do it as a “side project” keeping your name off of it.
  • 5. Choose to work at a higher rate and give credit to the person hiring you.
  • 6. Network with others in your industry. Collect a “finder’s fee” and hand off clients. Most will return the favor!

It’s as simple as that! Keep your brand’s best interest at mind and the archetype specific. Don’t be a “jack of all trades, master of none!” Good luck!

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