Security Concerns Limit Cloud Technologies

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Netwrix Corporation conducted a survey on cloud security, interviewing more than 600 IT professionals around the world. These professionals cater to various tech, healthcare, finance and government sectors of industry. IT professionals amongst other sectors were also surveyed, answering questions on cloud security as a whole, in addition to the “expectation from cloud providers and the measures being taken to ensure data security.”

As convenient, efficient and cost-effective as cloud technology is, 13 percent of overall organizations reject the adoption of cloud technology in the future. Of those 30 percent , there are many professionals moved to reconsider this decision pending improvements in cloud security mechanisms. On the other end of the spectrum, 71 percent of all enterprises perceive continuous auditing of cloud infrastructure “very important” in guaranteeing the security of data and ensuring data integrity “in the cloud.” These professionals have adopted this technology and understand the necessary monitoring of cloud security in protecting valuable and proprietary information, on behalf of their employer.

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“We wanted to find out the exact reasons that prevent companies from cloud adoption and taking advantage of all the benefits it offers,” states Alex Vovk, CEO and Co-Founder of Netwrix. “The survey revealed the interesting fact that even though the cloud is not a new technology, the cloud market has a good potential to grow further. Advanced security solutions and true visibility into what is going on across the cloud infrastructure will help companies minimize security risks, take back control over business-critical assets and accelerate cloud adoption.”

Further insight reveals that while 6 percent of the surveyed professionals are most concerned with the security when “migrating to the cloud,” as much as 40 percent are actually concerned with the loss of physical control over the data.  They prefer storing sensitive data in-house. Therefore, total adoption of cloud-technologies is limited, as many are merely integrating them into their current infrastructure for remote accessibility, communications and collaboration. Only 37 percent of businesses are prepared to invest in additional security. Thus, a hybrid cloud model is preferred; 44 percent of respondents admit to this and only half of the respondents are even planning on improving their own security for identity and authentic management, utilizing encryption or establishing auditing changes and user activity.

Providing these statistics to the IT world will allow Netwrix to better serve the 150,000 IT departments relying on Netwrix for increased efficiency of IT operations and through infrastructure audits of changes and data access. These companies also rely on Netwrix’s ability to prepare compliance reports on their behalf. Award-winning and highly-favored amongst some of the world’s top corporations, Netwrix continues to provide accurate data to the businesses associated with the company’s long list of clientele.

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TelePacific Signs with Aligned Communication to Better Service Texas

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Providing a comprehensive connectivity cloud and continuity solution at to over 75K clients in small business and enterprise sectors of industry, TelePacific Communications has signed a distribution agreement with Aligned Communications. Through this partnership, TelePacific can focus on delivering better solutions to clients, primarily in Texas, utilizing Aligned’s network of over 300 subagents.

“Together, we can provide Texas business customers the quality managed services solutions they need to grow, backed by the same industry-leading commitment to the customer experience lifecycle that has powered TelePacific’s growth in California and Nevada over the past 18 years,” states Ken Bisnoff, Senior Vice President of Strategic Opportunities for TelePacific Communications (NewsAlert).

“We’ve worked hard to earn the trust of the Texas partner community, giving our full attention, resources and focus on winning their confidence. We feel designed and fortunate to add Aligned Communications to our select roster of Master Agents and learn from them, as they join our Advisory Board members, because we both share the same bedrock customer-focused values,” he adds.

Earning the trust of Aligned Communications and adding them to the advisory board is major. This is a true partnership and one that is bound to be great.

In 2014, Aligned Communications began sales of TelePacific’s services to businesses in the Texas area, as a subagent. In early 2015, talks began and a more strategic partnership was embraced. Of TelePacific’s pool of partners, Aligned Communications has been named in the Top 10. Together, they collaborated in the pre-sales support of TelePacific’s product and service lines. They also join forces amongst channel managers and sales engineering teams, improving operations on through installation. Post-sale support is maintained by this same consistency in collaboration. Together, they better support small to medium businesses and enterprise establishments in the State of Texas.

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GreatCall Acquires Lively, Inc. to Provide Golden Year Support

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Making technology easier for our elders, GreatCall creates technology for the active, giving them the freedom to continue living independent lifestyles. While implementing an award-winning approach to personalization, they have created multiple mobile technologies, such as the GreatCall Splash, Jitterbug5 and a plethora of health, safety and medical apps. They have now acquired a connected home health platform, catering to our aging generations.

The acquisition of Lively, Inc. is a key milestone towards growth, evolution and the development of connected health options for its loyal consumer base. “As GreatCall looks at consolidating the fragmented active aging space, we see this acquisition as a strategic move for our connected health platform,” states Brian Berning, CFO of GreatCall Lively was founded on the safety of our elders, developing a safety watch and a system of passive activity sensors that will alert family members on any inconsistencies in regular routines. “We are excited that the Lively platform will build upon GreatCall’s leadership in active aging,” comments Iggy Fanlo, Lively’s CEO and Co-founder.

Shifting into medical technologies is a bold move, as the aging are becoming more tech savvy and require more from a handheld device than those before them. Simplicity is of less importance. Efficiency is king. All Lively products and service lines will now be managed through GreatCalls platform and handled through GreatCall’s customer service teams. 

“GreatCall’s leadership in active aging is rooted in customer knowledge. With a deep understanding of the needs of our customers, we have been uniquely positioned to build awareness of key issues and develop products and services that address the needs of both older adults and their caregivers,” states David Inns, CEO of GreatCall. He continues, “Acquiring Lively builds upon that ideal and as we move forward into our second decade, we will continue to innovate, build our customer base and develop our connected health platform based on that foundation.”

As technology needs shift, GreatCall will continue listening to the growing audiences entering the golden years. “We will continue to innovate new products and services but we will also acquire synergistic opportunities. With the sheer number of family caregivers in the U.S. and the aging of Baby Boomers, the need for technology support will increase rapidly. GreatCall is poised to anticipate and respond to that need.” Enthusiastic and passionate about tomorrow, GreatCall will continue to remain a leader in the improved lifestyles of our senior citizens

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