Alcatel-Lucent Successfully Completes First Stage of Polish Maritime Safety Initiative

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Altcatel-Lucent has announced that the first stage in a National Maritime Safety System modernization project is officially complete. Joining forces with Indra, Spanish-based multinational consulting and technology firm, Alcatel has successfully deployed an IP/MPLS system that enables control, management and monitoring of technology-based information. It is said that this technology will allow Poland’s maritime authority an increased efficiency in safety and operations at all eighteen ports in the Baltic Sea. This project has been dubbed the “National Network of Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS).”

Design and modernization were key elements in this project and important to the innovation within the national network of marine radio communications for maritime offices. The project was based on integrated marine VHF communications systems. The National Maritime Safety System was developed in collaboration with three regional maritime offices in Gdynia, Szczecin and Slupsk, who also collaborated with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Maritime Search and Rescue Service of the country. This collaboration built upon the need for support in monitoring and analyzing maritime traffic and calculating threats in national and maritime safety.

This announcement also makes known that “Alcatel-Lucent (NewsAlert) and Indra will, together, be responsible for ongoing maintenance of the operational system of this project, known as KSMB stage 1. “ Their collaboration has already led to the design of technical specification, including implementation management, production and with focus on the modernization of coast station architecture, adding new radar towers to the mix. Integrating eight subsystems and technologies with the implementation of three Vessel Traffic Services systems, teams have been able to innovate the existing telecommunications structure for Poland’s maritime authorities.

Important for Polish economic growth, there is a definite need for new technology and upgrades. Through increased travel to Poland’s seaports, the government has decided to invest heavily into maritime industry. The oil and gas industry has benefited from this decision. Vessel Traffic Management systems will improve safety and lower threat levels across all entry ports for shipping. Direct monitoring is necessary for mission-critical infrastructure.

VTS systems are supplied with substation data from radar systems, as well as through CCTV, hydro-meteorological stations, radio direction finders (RDF), marine radio communication VHF for Maritime Offices, phone communication systems based on IP/MPLS technology, GMDSS systems and a subsystem that monitors equipment and facilities.

“We are privileged to assist in the transformation of the Polish Maritime Administration into a modern and well equipped service. We had a clear vision, proven technology and expertise that fully met the needs of the Polish Administration, states Andrzej Dulka, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent Poland. “What we have put in place is a highly reliable system that seamlessly integrates legacy systems with new technology to provide Polish Maritime Office with the best available security and monitoring network.”

Deputy Director of Maritime Office in Gdynia, Jan Miotkowski continues by saying that ”Leveraging Alcatel-Lucent’s technologies and expertise we can improve the availability, efficiency and security of maritime transportation around Poland.” Collaborating with all national authorities, consulting firms and technology teams, Alcatel-Lucent will bring peace and safety to the people of Poland, starting at the ports. Pairing with Indra will ensure the mission is successful through very the last stage. 

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